2014 Biodynamic Conference

The Biodynamic Association welcomes proposals for workshops and presentations for our 2014 North American Biodynamic Conference, which will take place November 13-16 in Louisville, KY. You may propose yourself as a presenter or nominate someone else to present.
Proposals on any topic will be considered, but priority themes for the 2014 conference include:
  • Connections between agriculture and food quality, nutrition and human health
  • Qualitative methods of understanding nature and evaluating the quality of soil and food
  • Beginning and advanced workshops on biodynamics and the biodynamic preparations
  • Integrating animals on the farm, animal husbandry, and grazing
  • Food culture, food preparation, ways of enhancing the health and flavor of food
  • Practical, ecological farming and gardening techniques from any source (biodynamics, organic, permaculture, etc.)
Collaborative presentations, interactive activities and alternative teaching styles are encouraged.
Presentation proposals will be accepted until March 31, 2014. If you wish to propose multiple presentations, please submit one form for each proposal. Please note that we expect to receive many more proposals than we can acommodate, and no proposal is guaranteed to be accepted. Selected presenters will be contacted in May 2014.
You may save a draft of this form and return to finish it later if you first log in (or create a new account) at the top of this page before you begin and then click "Save Draft" at the bottom of this form before leaving this page. If you have any difficulty completing this form, or to request a printable proposal form, please contact Thea Maria Carlson at thea@biodynamics.com or 262-649-9212x5.


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