The Conversations with God
Annual Year-End Holiday Retreat
December 28 - January 1

A very special moment for reflection on the past year
and the setting of intentions for the next

There come times in the human experience when the Heart, Mind, and Soul --- all three --- call to us at the deepest place of our being to simply stop, just for a while, and look at where we have been...and where we want to be going. The end of every calendar year is one such obvious time. This is no doubt why our annual Holiday Retreat has been the most popular program on our calendar since first offered in 1995. Holiday Retreat
In the days between Christmas and the New Year this December a handful of people from all over the world will gather in Southern Oregon for a gentle glance at the previous 12 months and all that has happened since this time last year --- with a deep exploration of its spiritual meaning --- and then for an inspiring turning to the future for the creation of a 2014 that will be their Best Year Yet upon the Earth.
Neale Donald Walsch, with inspiring poet Em Claire and heartfelt songstress Cathy Bolton, offers a wonderful opportunity for spiritual renewal as you complete one cycle and begin the next, sweetly yet powerfully guiding your Self to the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever you held about Who You Are. This is not a "workshop," with lots of dyads and breakout groups and "circle-ups"...this is a spiritual renewal retreat, consisting of nothing but quiet conversation, gentle invitation, and highly personal interactive exchange with the author of Conversations with God as he moves with you through the intimate process of your own awakening to greater clarity on what you wish to be, do, and have in your Life, using the powerful messages of the spiritual books that have changed the world.

The program culminates with a wonderful New Year's Resolutions Ritual
just before Midnight on December 31st, followed by dancing and celebration as participants ring in 2014 with Neale and his wife Em. Could there be a better way to round out the holiday season?
Full Price $495 / Early Bird Price $395Please check the multi-day spiritual and personal growth programs of other teachers and authors.
You will find that this is approximately one-third the cost of most such offerings. This is quite by design.
Neale long ago instructed his team to make CWG programs available to as many people as possible.
Including (see below) for free if that is necessary.

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